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Why, Y, I Love You, and, True Loves

Project type

Paintings and Drawings


2006- 2013


The Netherlands

Female artist. Born in Amsterdam in 1988. This collection was created between 2006- 2013.

The message or feeling is more important than the exact form. The majority of the work adheres to wabi-sabi aesthetics, this oppposes the aesthetical demand currently of "Glossy- Art".

I don't do Art, Art does me.

There are many naked women in the paintings. They have no or al most no arms. This is a reference to old classical statutes of naked women without arms. The naked woman has for a very long time been a popular theme for artists, I add sexual expressions in abstract and figurative forms as experienced by a woman. There are also other themes discussed, such as preserving hope in dark days, breast cancer and saying goodbye to an unborned child.

Y in the title is a reference to mathematics. Think for instance of the geometrical shapes used in many works. And, many works are in 2D. Aboriginal Art (Australia) is for instance also in 2D and as it will, they also experience paintings like reading a kind of roadmap.

I only sell printed copies of the works as long as the prices are rather low ^_^! The Original works and printed copies are far more beautiful than the pictures online for several reasons, amongst which copyright reasons.

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