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This website is intended for my creative expressions I like to share publicly. For now it holds one CD with cathartic piano- improvisations, an opiniated piece of writing, and 
the online Art Collection of paintings and works called 
"TheForbidden Fruit." 


“It feels like your system does not work on the same grid as mine (as in the end they are).
Sometimes it feels as if you are appreciating my taste but not experiencing that taste.
Sometimes I feel silly or exaggerated
and sometimes I feel like someone rides all over my feet,

but I want to remain this sensitive, I don't want to lose or roughen it.
When I am passionate or inspired by something
it is hardly ever shared. Staring into blank faces,
will be part of my enthusiasm, at least for a while.

I don't want to change my behaviour when people are neutral or indifferent in their responses to me, however I tend to do so.”

Self- Portrait:

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